Well, we're almost back to school.  Summer 2018, I shall bequeath thee, "The Summer of Fortnight" - for that is truly, truly what you were.  Not that I ever played, no, but my sons and sometimes my lone daughter gave more than ample, an extraordinarily ample amount of their precious lives to that fucking game.  And they loved it.  Guilt ensnares the mother creature.

I want to sell my cameras and buy one good Sony and close up shop and yet I want to delve deeper into more beautiful and haunting and dark work and also I am so very tired of wondering where we are going to be living in 12-18 months and stop wondering about "the right decision" and just settle... And for the love of god why do we live in a world of influencers, or have we always and now they just look a lot like you and me but with sponsored living room renovations and free vitamins?

The hurricanes are coming you know.

Last year we were ensconced in our huge, old, multi-windowed, 1930 cracker house and now we are deeply suburban and encased in brick and buried power lines and I'm like, "unless it's a direct hit from a 5, I'm not evacuating again".  Suits me. Oh Florida.  I love hate you.

I found a turtle today. Isla named him Mouse Stripe. He was a tiny water turtle of some sort and I returned him to the pond.  I found him way up in the street and I can only wonder how a tiny turtle the size of a 50 cent piece could have made it up there.  Probably escaped from a bird's mouth.  Hopefully he is chilling in our pond in the back yard.  Godspeed, Mouse Stripe.

So many storms coming through these last few weeks.  Lightening zapped our pool pump - waiting for the repair guy and hoping everything doesn't turn green.  Pools are new to us and we are ill equipped to care for it aside from occasionally netting out the frogs that decide to off themselves in it.  Sad times.

The eldest child, Ronan, turns 11 next week. That went fast.  He's such good kid but damn, that Fortnight has ensorcelled him. And all of his friends. It's wild.  Can't wait for the forced intervention that is known as Public Education to start back up.

Here's a couple gloriously crap phone pics. Sorry.

 Mouse Stripe (hiding)
two mornings ago

Anyway, sorry for this late night ramble.  It's for me, not you. 


nine. and a new haircut

Isla turned nine in May.  It's so incredible to me that these years have flown so quickly.  So cliche, everyone says that, but wow, maybe I didn't think it would happen to me? Anyway, you can really begin to see the face of the young woman she will become.


someday I'll update again

So here's a small selection of images I've done recently.  Focus has been on studio portraits, which are my FAVE, but I also have been having a hankering for working outdoors again and get off my reliance of my beloved strobes for light sculpting... I've also quit Facebook which is such a funny thing to even "announce" or even talk about but also, wow, Facebook really pervades your life and I'm glad it's not in mine right now.  Humorously, I deactivated the stupid account about three weeks ago and TODAY my closest friend texted me and asked where I have been on Social Media.  The lesson here is that NO ONE is reading your stupid Facebook stuff.  Just let it go. #deletefacebook 


Just thoughts and things as September comes to an end.

We did just fine through Irma, thankfully, no notable damage to complain about, we were lucky.  It is wild and sad just how poorly the city of Flagler Beach did not 20 miles up the peninsula.  Hundreds and hundreds of homes flooded and most of their belongings destroyed.  I know some people this has affected and it just looks calamitous, and then, on the flip side, you see Puerto Rico, the USVI and St. Marrtin and Barbuda (is it even a country anymore?  Where did the people go?) wild.  When you see a natural disaster all around you everything just begins to feel super fragile.  Your home, your health, your lifestyle - everything.  I evacuated with the children for Irma to New Orleans.  It was a good decision, although evacuating is not that easy with four young children and two dogs.  Stellan is very sensitive and he was very worried about our house.  Wolf, later, after we returned home, began describing dreams he was having about a storm with monsters in it that were coming to take him away and I had to save him.  Clearly the children are far more concerned than I think they are capable of acknowledging.  And the specter of an another storm forming and looming and coming at us or where!? is rather exhausting.  Seeing the gas lines and people beginning to freak out over resources and water lifted the veil a bit and really showed me the trembling, fine line between order and chaos.  

So, aside from all this, we are trying to get back into the swing of things with school and work and life in general.  My studio endured a little roof damage which turns out to be a bit of a good thing as my partner and I were forced to clean it out and change up the look and it feels bigger, brighter and better than before.  We're heading off to California soon for a little trip to visit family and then after that it'll be settling down as Florida makes its slow slide into fall and the upcoming holidays - of which my children are extremely excited, as children often are.  
(Note: click on the images to view them in a normal size, blogger is blowing up these phone pics and I can't change them for some reason.  Sorry!)